John McCain Has Connection In Big Terror Attack-It’s Confirmed!

John McCain Has Connection In Big Terror Attack-It’s Confirmed!

The violent acts in London that took place a month ago are upsetting, putting it nicely. It looks like one of the terrorists had a direct connection to John McCain.

World Net Daily informs that one of the Muslims engaged in the London bridge assault worked in the past with the Free Syrian Army. If you haven’t heard about it, the Free Syrian Army is a militia that has been set up by Sen. John McCain. He is accountable for weaponizing and assisting these people and thus provided the terrorist Rachid Redouane with a chance to achieve his goal.

We have heard him go around saying the FSA is a major force that is going to combat al-Assad’s regime and get the Syrians their freedom. The issue here is this. That is obviously not the case.

If one extremist finds himself in the group, the chances are there are a lot more where he came from. McCain has been weaponizing a militia with terrorist aspirations but Donald Trump is the traitor? They have to be joking.

McCain enjoys quotes about how the war in Syria is NOT filled with dangerous Islamists and extremists. When you are responsible for the terror in one of the largest cities in the world, you are an extremist.

Questions arise about how many other attacks are connected to the Free Syrian Army. It just makes sense that there were more people engaged, and on that day particularly .

When you have numerous terror attacks throughout one city, and a person is linked to a group, guess where the rest came from? It is awful that McCain has been doing this for years and years, almost helping these people prepare to come after America.


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We have to get John McCain and the FSA looked into. There is a lot more in store here than we can tell, and we deserve to know.

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