Amazon Humiliates Hillary Clinton, Walmart Follows Suit

Amazon Humiliates Hillary Clinton, Walmart Follows Suit

Liberty Writers has a story out today about another disappointment for Hillary Clinton. This one’s gotta hurt, because it hits her right at the only thing she has left: her new book What Happened.

Her new book about why she lost the 2016 election in an embarrassing humiliation comes out today. Believe me, there are a lot of people Clinton blames for that loss and she’s not one of them.

But now Amazon and Walmart just gave Clinton a nasty surprise that could make her book the next thing that loses big. The retail price on the book is supposed to be $30, but Amazon and Walmart started it off on the 40% off shelf!


Also, the book got a “best seller” label almost as soon as it was announced. I guess pre-sales were through the roof, but I think people might also want to check if Clinton has a massive warehouse somewhere full of copies she bought herself.

Clinton is kind of acting bizarrely right now though, you have to admit. She seems desperate to keep going through the motions of blaming everyone else and pushing her book. Whether it’s a whining interview or insulting a judge the former First Lady of Failure seems to be even more cash hungry than a Clinton usually is.

Maybe the election expenses and lawyers and dirty campaign tricks took a chunk out of her pocketbook? Either way, this book isn’t going to rake in nearly as much money if it’s being sold almost half-off.

What do you think about this story? Does Clinton deserve to be humiliated this way?

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